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S-Plus?-Claus with ultra-low emission TGT process

S-Plus=Claus plant + DSR (TGT unit).

Claus process is a matured low cost sulfur recovery process widely used in treating H2S containing sour gas of coal chemical and petrochemical industry. However, Claus process is plagued by problems such as limited sulfur recovery rate and tail gas treatment to meet emission standard.
Sulphur recovered by Claus process will be burned to SO2, which will be absorbed by DSR process, the overall emission SO2 will be lower than 35 mg/Nm3, in the meanwhile, the recovered SO2 will return to Claus equipment for sulphur recovery.

The overall sulphur recovery rate of S-Plus improved Claus process can be reached over 99.95%, which meet the requirement of ultra-low emission.

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