In Keyon process, we uphold the principle of “ Gaining trust from client through innovation and advanced technologies”.  We provide:

ECOSA :H2S to H2SO4 process on wet basis
DSR :Flue gas desulfurization and SO2 removal technology
S-Plus : Improved Claus process
ERSA : Spent acid regeneration process

Keyon Process is a licensor of  sulphuric acid process technologies, we deliver full range of proprietary technologies covering Claus sulphur Recovery and Sulfuric acid Process.

Main business scope includes: technological development, technical proposal, engineering design, EPC, upgrade and revamp of old unit etc..

Key technologies include: sulfur recovery, wet H2S to H2SO4 process, flue gas desulfurization and denitration, flue gas Hg removal, dioxin cracking, VOC gas treatment, spent acid regeneration in alkylation unit, resource utilization of coal powers,  photo-catalytic oxidation.

Keyon Process is an engineering company with independent R&D ability and its own equipment manufacturing factory.

Adhering to the principle of “Key on Tech”, Keyon Process is persistently striving for progressive development driven by continuous technical innovation to meet the newest demand in the chemical industry.

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