Keyon Process is an engineering company andlicensor of multiple environmental protection technologies thatcommit to solvesulphurous emission problems.

Keyon Processholds rich portfolio of patents related with its technologies that applied inChina, the US, Russian, and Indonesia.

Keyon Processwas registered in Shanghai, China with capital of 30 million RMB.It had more than70 employees, 78%of whichhave higher education. The parent company Keyontechsisa listed company since 2013, stock exchange number is 440334.

Our Main business ans services include: technological development, technical proposal, engineering design, EPC, revamp of old unit etc. Keyon Process is not only an engineering company with independent R&D ability but it has own equipment manufacturing factory.

Key technologies include: sulfur recovery, wet H2S to H2SO4 process, flue gas desulfurization and recovery, flue gas Hg removal, spent acid regeneration in alkylation unit etc.

Adhering to the principle ofKey on Tech, Keyon Process is accomplishing its every development driven by continuous technical innovation and based on the latest industry need .

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Address:8 F, Lane2, No406, Guilin Road, Xuhui, District, Shanghai, P.R.China 021-50120846